Black Mountains Race, 2003

I found this old write-up on the Westies website, and thought I’d steal it back again in case they ever take that down…Black Mountains 17m, 5200ft, 27/09/2003Indeed they were, Pen Carrig Calch looming over the start in the piccy village of Llanbedr, drizzle and cloud hanging low. On the start line it was hard to banish the bad memories of a grim... read more

How to… Plusnet Fibre Broadband with TP-LINK Archer VR600 router

I recently switched to Plusnet’s “Unlimited Fibre” package, but as soon as the transfer took place I was disconnected. I’m using my own router instead of a PlusNet-supplied one. It’s a TP-LINK Archer VR600 “fully compatible with DSL connections, fibre/cable access and 3G/4G USB dongles”. I had already set the router to DSL Modulation Type = “VDSL” ... read more

A simple dhal recipe for student offspring

With Lois moving into a shared house for her second year at Durham, and Helen starting out in Hereford, both are needing to fend for themselves for the first time. All students need dhal to survive – I ate very little else when at Sheffield and Leicester, as far as I recall. So how is it begotten? Well I’ve not referred to a recipe ever, but I... read more

When a Brother HL-3150CDW printer won’t network after a firmware update

This morning my printer alerted me to a firmware update. With some reservations I let it proceed. It got stuck as 90%. And, as we all know, the internet is full of reports of Brother firmware updates bricking printers after getting stuck at 90%, so I was not best pleased.I cancelled out, plugged the printer in via USB instead of LAN, and let it... read more

Using LetsEncrypt with Orchard CMS

I wanted to move an Orchard CMS site onto https, without paying £$. LetsEncrypt seemed the obvious solution. This is not the place to talk about how to use LetsEncrypt, but if you have a web server with only one external i.p. running multiple sites you have to certificate them all at the same time, and suffice it to say that one site on our... read more

Whither Wetherspoons? Brecon!

The George Hotel is re-opening as a Wetherspoon on 21st Feb. We passed the door and were advised free stuff was happening… It was for-real indeed, two rounds of drinks and a most acceptable meal in fine surroundings: read more