Nant Y Moch Skyline, 2002

Another ancient race write-up recovered from the Westies site

3rd youngest comes 4th at Nant Y Moch Skyline.

Last saturday in Wales, 30 lined up to the wild cheering of a couple of local shepherds and set off to traverse the Nant y Moch Skyline (12.5m,3900′)….After about a mile (and tripping one guy up) I found myself in the very unexpected position of leading this happy band through the tussocks. This was fun for a while, because I hadn’t the foggiest where I was going, so I zigzagged randomly around some hillocks hoping someone would pass me and take the strain. But they were all enjoying the slipstream effect from my love-handles, and obstinately followed my wombling. Now I hate being followed, as Damon will vouch, and will do almost anything to avoid this. Usually the only options are to run faster or to take a raving route choice, so I promptly hurled myself into a 100metre bog. This had the desired effect, losing me a good 20 places. Having amounted some serious oxygen debt (what does that actually mean?) getting furiously out of the bog, things were much more interesting as I fought my way through the zimmer frames and support bandages to rejoin the leading pack. The next 10 miles were relaxed, 6 of us navigating the controls, a bit of chat, nice views etc, until the big climb of Plynlimon, when I got left for dead. Recovered at summit, caught one Mercian on long fast traverse, another on final climb, and flew down long rough descent to finish. Could do better if tried harder, as my school reports always said. Nice race, if you’re ever in the leftish middle bit of Wales that weekend. Tomorrow…Cribyn, Welsh Champs, 5miles, 3100feet

1 Stephen P Jones Eryri MV40 2.10.51

2 Andrew Yapp Mercia MS 2.10.55

3 Trefor H Jones Eryri MV 2.12.29

4 Crispin Flower Westerlands MS 2.12.53

5 Andrew Carruthers Halesowen MV40 2.13.38

6 Andy Davies Mercia MS 2.14.13

7 Roger Lamb Mercia MS 2.14.59 etc

1st Lady Angela Brand-Barker