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Cardiff Marathon 2002

Another of my missives to Westies, after moving down to Brecon, recovered from their website.Lending weight to the 15-20 mile/per week training philosophy advocated recently by Rodwell/Gallagher, I just ripped 5 mins off my marathon PB in Cardiff this morning, after preparation that made last year’s last minute dash to Belfast look like a... read more

London Marathon 2004

Another recovered post from the Westies site, though this was more of an email to a few members than a report.Just checked the results for Westies….Mark Forrest (have we met?) sorry I didn’t say hi !!OK I ran the second half with my eyes shut, after passing the pooey man with the brown smeary legs, but I thought I’d spot a big W if there was one.... read more

Ffordd y Bryniau Race, 2002

And another recovered post from the Westies site, though by this time I’d joined MDC! Note that at the time such race reports were written for an email list of members, and I certainly wasn’t expecting my silly write-ups for a Scottish audience to become public. The current bout of excess wind contributed greatly to the jollity of Ffordd y... read more

Nant Y Moch Skyline, 2002

Another ancient race write-up recovered from the Westies site…3rd youngest comes 4th at Nant Y Moch Skyline.Last saturday in Wales, 30 lined up to the wild cheering of a couple of local shepherds and set off to traverse the Nant y Moch Skyline (12.5m,3900′)….After about a mile (and tripping one guy up) I found myself in the very unexpected... read more

Black Mountains Race, 2003

I found this old write-up on the Westies website, and thought I’d steal it back again in case they ever take that down…Black Mountains 17m, 5200ft, 27/09/2003Indeed they were, Pen Carrig Calch looming over the start in the piccy village of Llanbedr, drizzle and cloud hanging low. On the start line it was hard to banish the bad memories of a grim... read more

How not to train for a trail race

To celebrate Sally’s 70th birthday we’ve all entered the Lakeland Trails Helvellyn Race. It’s 15km, with about 300m ascent – figures I would have sneezed at in days of yore. But this is now, with two snagged Achilles tendons, a crunchy ankle, a dicky hip, and a knee that can forecast rain three days in advance. Combined with 70 hour working weeks... read more

South Wales Traverse Leg 1 recce

As folk will surely know, I’m organising a South Wales Traverse relay with exeGesIS colleagues on 7th – 8th June, the aim being to complete the 73 mile route in less than 24 hours. This is a Big Ask, requiring an average speed over 3mph over mountain terrain, with lots of colleagues whose main form of exercise is writing software. We’re doing it... read more

OMG, 3 weeks til the SLMM

Details have just been revealed about the 2012 Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon – it starts at Wasdale Head.  This has raised expectations (fear) with Naomi, entering her first ever MM this year. We’ve entered the Kirkfell class - the third most severe below Scafell and Bowfell, and the easiest class that was not already full when we... read more

Wind and string sections

First the wind: as a birthday treat for Naomi we did the Mynydd Troed Race today. I don't think I've ever done a race in such foul conditions, with screaming winds and driving rain. Before the start I was a bit miffed that the course was shortened to miss out Mynydd Llangorse - this was my first race after busting the knee and I wanted my... read more