London Marathon 2004

Another recovered post from the Westies site, though this was more of an email to a few members than a report.

Just checked the results for Westies….Mark Forrest (have we met?) sorry I didn’t say hi !!

OK I ran the second half with my eyes shut, after passing the pooey man with the brown smeary legs, but I thought I’d spot a big W if there was one. But according to the results, I must have passed you at around 20 miles…



KM10: 0:38:33 KM20: 1:18:26

HALF: 1:22:46 KM30: 1:58:51

KM40: 2:42:11 FINISH: 2:52:19


KM10: 0:40:22 KM20: 1:20:40

HALF: 1:25:03 KM30: 2:00:06

KM40: 2:39:03 FINISH: 2:47:11

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it!

I had a horrible knee, after mashing it on a rock at Pen Y Fan previous weekend, and that kept me v slow in first half, until the pain spread over my whole body thus rendering it not quite so worrying.

The power of the marathon to reduce a man to jelly never ceases to amaze me. The moment I crossed the line, I was transformed from a 6.15-miling machine, feeling like I could go for ever, into an hobbling freak. I couldn’t have started running again for anything, even to get away from a conversation about foot-plant technique with Marcus.

And the large bag of groceries they kindly give you doesn’t exactly help – it took me 15 mins to walk 400m to the pub where my ‘supporters’ had gathered (in preference to the actual race route which was a bit drizzly and lager-free).

And now, 3 days on, I can still barely walk – stick to the hills my friends!!