New bike for Stewart, new injury for me

To christen Stewart’s sexy new Ribble, we met in Rhayader for a tour of the lakes (and hills). A glorious day, clear blue skies and about 2 degrees, and luckily most of the roads were free of ice. Simon and Stewart had their special booties, I just got cold feet. I was horrendously unfit and weak, and could barely get up the slightest... read more

Learning to run again

At lunchtime today Stewart and I tackled the fearsome Glider Club run. 2 miles of continuous uphill followed by a mile of mixed up and down, then a steep descent back to Talgarth, all on tarmac. Actually today the tarmac was pretty much covered in mud, twigs and rivers. This run re-wrecked my knee in November when I tackled it too soon after the... read more

Cramer Jacobs birthing tunes

Old friends Helen and Neil are over for the weekend with kids Lewis and Finn. Their birth tunes are: Neil Rolling Stones - (I can't get no) Satisfaction Helen Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime Lewis Atomic Kitten - Eternal Flame Finn t.A.T.u. - All the Things She Said read more

New Years Eve Scout Walk up Pen y Fan

Poj roused the Scouts for a walk up Pen y Fan in driving drizzle. Naomi and I went along to make up the numbers of “responsible adults”, and we took Grandma too. And of course Robin and Helen to even things up again. We were able to park at Pont ar Daf despite the Phytophthora ramorum outbreak that has attacked the larches. On the hill, Mackenzie... read more

Some Christmas pics

Lois playing her new cello Helen, Bobs and Naomi All of us with the tree Windy walk up the Crug with Mike, Sally and Tony Christmas dinner Robin sorting out the Hotwheels, and still in pyjamas at lunchtime Lois and Helen rehearsing for the concert (Mae Hen…) read more

Crispin’s Christmas Chutney 2011

For posterity, here is the recipe, or rather the list of ingredients – I can’t remember how I made it, but I imagine “bung it all in the big pot, stir and simmer for an hour or so” should cover it. It is possible I fried the solids for a while first - who knows. Shallots (some) Tomatoes (1 tin ?) Onion (one) Garlic (some) Red pepper (one?)... read more

Orange and pistachio stollen bars

We are making these yummies this afternoon, after Stewart brought some into work before Christmas and made us happy. The recipe is from the Guardian: Dan Lepard's orange and pistachio stollen bars: A twist on the German Christmas classic. Photograph: Colin Campbell for the Guardian. Very straightforward to make and outrageously good to eat. Be... read more

Windows 7 TrustedInstaller.exe high CPU problem

A quick note for anyone encountering similar misery with Windows 7 updates, failed installations, and TrustedInstaller.exe gobbling CPU. Here's a solution that does not involve reinstalling Windows. My Windows 7 64-bit PC failed to install an update to Paint.Net a few weeks ago – mildly irritating at the time, but in fact just the first in a... read more