New bike for Stewart, new injury for me

To christen Stewart’s sexy new Ribble, we met in Rhayader for a tour of the lakes (and hills). A glorious day, clear blue skies and about 2 degrees, and luckily most of the roads were free of ice. Simon and Stewart had their special booties, I just got cold feet.

Looking back from the Claerwen dam

I was horrendously unfit and weak, and could barely get up the slightest rise, while Stewart streaked ahead with Simon hanging onto his back wheel. Then after about 20 miles something went twang in my right knee (the good one), making everything from that point on rather painful.  I think it is the same injury that had me walk back from Crickhowell a couple of years ago – muscle tear on inside of upper knee.

half way up the last hill from Pont ar Elan

I crawled painfully up the last monster hill, then was very glad to get back to the Triangle Inn in Rhayader for a pint of Hancock’s HB and a delicious lunch with the family. They had been for a couple of hours walk along the lake and over a wee hill. Meanwhile Simon and Stewart set off for another 20 miles or so.


Sunday, January 29, 2012 12:20:17 PM

great ride on a great day. am stocking up on mackesons and pork scratchings now!

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