Robin sings like lark

Robin attended auditions for the Brecon Cathedral choir this morning in the Diocesan Centre with Mark Duthie and Father Michael.  Robin was very nervous, but there were several current choirboys and girls who helped make the candidates feel at ease, and some of the “matrons” and parents there to chat to, plus drinks and cake.

After a 10-15 minute audition, Robin emerged looking a lot happier than he had beforehand, and we set off out into the pouring rain again to wait at home for the phone call. There were a few other sessions of auditions still to go, with a handful of candidates in each. The choir aims to take in 2 or 3 boys and 2 or 3 girls each year.

After a few false alarms (“urgent calls about our payment protection insurance”…etc etc) Mark rang at about 14:30… and offered Robin a place in the choir.  Of course we’ve said yes, as Robin is more enthusiastic about this than we’ve ever seen him. The action starts in September, and the commitment is pretty significant – watch this space.