Progress at Number 1

It’s been a while since I posted any pictures from #1.  Well builder Sam and assistant Steve have been in (off and on) for a few weeks, and we have made some progress. The plumber and electrician have both made tentative appearances, and are about to start work in earnest (allegedly).

Sam and Steve have removed the troublesome chimney… which on the ground floor has changed this:


to this (also note the hatch through to the kitchen):

Ground floor chimney slightly recessed

and has opened up a hole from the top to the bottom of the house; here looking up from the first floor into Helen’s room at the top:

First floor used and unused chimney pipes

In the kitchen, they have removed the old pantry wall, moved the doorway, and made the hatch through to the dining room:

The kitchen

and after I removed the old range…

Range before

Range yeilding ground after hours of assault and battery

Range almost defeated - just before "the flood"

…they have opened up the chimney breast ready for the cooker (well almost):

Kitchen fireplace with chimney sweeps

In Helen’s room at the top, they have started opening up the roof space which will extend the room, finding a rather massive wasps’ nest:

Opening up Helen's extension

Wasps nest in the roof space

Wasp nest interior

And in the top front room (our bedroom probably) they have put in the Velux and much of the stud work for the small shower room/loo:

Shower room with brain-busting beam

Shower room with new roof window

Meanwhile, we are now harvesting the potatoes from the front veg patch, and they are absolutely delicious.

Potatoes in the front patch, early June

The garden is currently rather more habitable than the house.