Llanbedr to Blaenavon Race, 2004

Added here for posterity, after I rediscovered it on Westies' site: https://westerlandsccc.co.uk/llanbedr-to-blaenavon/

Where were you Chris Upson? You said you’d be here!

Knowing how much you like a sound thrashing, I ignored my pulled hamstring and cracked rib (yes the price of Pen Cerrig Calch), and entered Llanbedr to Blaenavon (15m, 4500ft ascent), missing the bus to the start and having to drive like a nutter down single-track lanes to arrive 3 mins before the start.

Nice relaxed run (apart from the hurty rib and bum), chatting all the way with Martin Humphreys of Stroud AC, not much talent on show. He died in style at the bottom of the last hill… and I wandered lonely as an orange, up the slaughtering slopes of Blorenge.

1. Crispin Flower, 2.18 joining an illustrious crowd of Donnellies, Derbys, Forsters, Palmers and McQueens on the attached goblet!!

2-10 rif raf

11 onwards, veteran + female rifraf