When a networked Canon MP620 just won’t scan

I’m sharing this because I’m sure others will have the same issue, and the same miserable time trying to find helpful information. Such is life when you have any computing kit that is older than about 6 months, it seems. I wanted to scan a couple of Helen’s drawings, before they went off to school and got mangleworzled. Our scanner is one of those ... read more

A pink and blue floral farewell to the FujiFilm HS10

A last frolic in the flowers for our FujiFilm FinePix HS10, about to be retired (and handed over to the kids) in favour of a new HS50 EXR. Here’s a stalk of Verbena bonariensis… And again, with the poppy heads making themselves known: A rose peeping out from the smoke bush: And pink and blue salad of geranium and rambling rose: read more

Written on the blotter

An old blotting paper table covering is finding its way to the recycling bin, but in a corner amidst the doodles and noughts-and-crosses, this was written long ago by the Helly: Help! Please, someone! As if stuck in a world of darkness I cannot see, only hear and feel. Please help! Oh no, wait, I was just closing my eyes, silly me! Sorry... read more

South Wales Traverse Leg 1 recce

As folk will surely know, I’m organising a South Wales Traverse relay with exeGesIS colleagues on 7th – 8th June, the aim being to complete the 73 mile route in less than 24 hours. This is a Big Ask, requiring an average speed over 3mph over mountain terrain, with lots of colleagues whose main form of exercise is writing software. We’re doing it... read more

Don’t arrive out of breath (or out of practice)

Caius College Choir Long Vac summons from Peter Tranchell, August 1988
This being a transcription of the hand-written (then photocopied) letter sent to choral scholars before term, August 1988. Dear Crispin (or other choral scholar’s name as appropriate) With any luck, you’ve been having so far a delightful and perhaps profitable vac. May it last as long as poss. Perhaps you’ve caught sight of a book, but maybe ... read more

The Dean's Dinner

The Dean and his wife like to dine

on communion wafers and wine;

when it’s time for dessert

they rearrange her skirt

and together sing Hymn 69.

Anon, 10th March 2013

An obituary of Peter Tranchell from the Telegraph, September 18, 1993

Reproduced from a Swedish genealogy web page: http://www.tjocka.nu/heritage/i797.htm Headline: Obituary of Peter Tranchell Publication Date: September 18, 1993 Source: The Daily Telegraph London Page: 19 Subjects: Region: United Kingdom Obituary: PETER TRANCHELL, the musician and teacher who has died aged 71, was a resourceful and... read more

Memories of Peter Tranchell

Singing in the Brecon Cathedral Choir is bringing back a kaleidoscope of memories of singing in the Caius College Choir under composer/precentor Peter Tranchell ("PAT"), a frighteningly long time ago. In parallel, I've found myself in touch with John Gwinnell, who is researching and writing PAT's biography as described here, and has also sung in... read more

For Father David

The Minor Canon of Swansea

has decided to leave Aberhonddu

he's going to the Rhondda

where the people are rather

more fond of a priest in a onesie