Wind and string sections

First the wind: as a birthday treat for Naomi we did the Mynydd Troed Race today. I don't think I've ever done a race in such foul conditions, with screaming winds and driving rain. Before the start I was a bit miffed that the course was shortened to miss out Mynydd Llangorse - this was my first race after busting the knee and I wanted my money's worth!  However the remaining 4.5 miles still took me 58 minutes - almost as long as the full 7 miles takes normally - and since my calf strain returned with a vengeance about half way, it was plenty. Stewart was a few places ahead of me, and will lunch out on this for ever.

Naomi had a good run, beating Sharon and various Chepstow lasses.

Now the strings: Lois found out yesterday she got a distinction in her cello grade 5 exam. Much surprise and joy.