We (Crispin and/or Lois!) can build web sites for small businesses, clubs and societies, families and individuals.

We can get you started with a decent site, then give you the skills to manage and update your site yourself.

Nowadays there are lots of out-of-the-box web site options, but it is all too easy to outgrow these. Our strength is sites that can adapt with your requirements. For example you might want to start with three or four pages, then gradually develop the site to include forums, blogs, calendars, maps, and on-line sales. We can help all the way. Typically we will have you up and running within one or two days work, plus a couple of hours training.

Prices start around £300 for start-up plus from £50 per year for hosting (£50 buys a minimum hosting service that will probably be available 99.9% which is fine for most businesses but not for air-traffic control - you do get what you pay for!).

If you would like to discuss your requirements please contact us through this web site.

If your requirements are more complex we will put you in touch with Crispin's employers Exegesis SDM Ltd based in Talgarth.