Morocco holiday - Day 1

I went on a tour of the Imperial Cities of Morocco with grandma in half term. This is my diary.


4:05 PM

Grandma, daddy and I left at 9:00 this morning and drove to Cardiff. Daddy dropped us off at the bus station and we got onto the bus. The whole journey took 3 1/2 hours! We were very relieved to be at the airport so we could stretch our legs. Unfortunately, we had a three-hour wait before the plane took off. We passed the time by reading, writing and wandering around the shops.

Finally the gate opened and we got on the plane. It was cloudy though, so we didn’t see any of France or Spain. The sky was clear in Casablanca, however, and I took my first breath of Moroccan air as we stepped off the plane. It was dark already, because when you get nearer the equator, it gets dark earlier.

We had to fill in a form on the plane, and give it in at the airport in Casablanca. It involved lots of details like passport no. and issue date, but grandma and I discovered they were just being thrown on the floor when we handed them in! The floor of the passport checker’s office was absolutely covered with these immigration forms!

After getting our bags, we met the rest of our group on the Riviera tour. There were 45 of us! It was by far the biggest group that grandma had been in. The tour manager, Amabile, showed us to the coach and we drove to the hotel, Novotel Casablanca. It was quite a nice hotel, and we slept well minus the bed covers. It was hot at night, so we relied on the air conditioning to keep us cool.

Sorry no photos from today!


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