Lloyds want to spam me and I don’t know what to do

While trying to get a quote for car insurance, I am staring at this particularly offensive example of a deliberately-ambiguous question regarding contact preferences. Normally a careful read, then another read to make sure, reveals whether or not to put a tick in the box; but this one left me stumped.

Lloyds bank want to spam me until the day I die

Note that I’m right in the middle of asking for a quote, so yes I really do want to be “sent information”, but I assume they mean “for evermore, from Lloyds and anyone who uses the same marketing agencies and email list pedlars”, so no, I really don’t want to be sent information after all; but should I click “below” on the “Continue” button? Or should I put a tick in every box to say I don’t want information by that method?  As I write this I must make a decision or my session will probably time out; tick them all, tick none… ?…

Of course the prize goes to all of you shouting that it makes no difference whatsoever, and whatever I click my number of PPI calls and spam emails will go up by 15%.

Some time later... I may have found out the answer, because there was another screen later on in the process that asked almost the same question in a slightly different way, making it more clear cut. See if you can work it out and answer my highly scientific poll.