Keeping the children busy in the summer holidays

Yay, it's the summer holidays! Weeks and weeks of lovely Welsh sunshine, no school, and absolutely nothing to do.

We have set Lois, Helen and Robin a challenge; they must produce the following items on Sunday 30th August:

  1. A piece of sandstone
  2. The Dean's signature
  3. A recording (home made) of Mendelssohn's Lift Thine Eyes
  4. A fig leaf
  5. A violet ground beetle (dead or alive)
  6. A ball bearing
  7. A hat that has been worn by a policeman/woman
  8. Some sea water
  9. A fossil
  10. A floppy disk
  11. A cheese soufflé
  12. A personal possession that has spent a night in Brecon Cathedral

The provenance of each item must be declared, and may be an individual or collective effort. Points will be awarded to each team member according to the ancient rites and lores, taking into account the qualities of the items and stories. And as we all know: points mean prizes.