Ding dong!

I have just discovered a tape recording of me (aged 15, December 1983 I think) singing carols with the Finn twins (creators of Sibelius software) and Jimmy Gumpert (former St Paul’s chorister), recorded on my tape recorder at school. One of the Finns (I cannot remember which, but probably “J” as he was more silly) is hooting out the alto part, I’m a feeble bass, Jimmy G was a rather fine treble, and the other Finn was tenor.

The tape recording was truly awful, all hum and fog, but I’ve managed to clean it up a bit in Audacity. Here for all to enjoy is Ding Dong Merrily... (the other tracks on the recording were Once in Royal, In Dulce Jubilo, In the bleak, Silent night, but listening to them now I cannot believe we managed to make about £120 in a couple of hours busking them in Cambridge a few days after this recording was made, but we really did!).

Ding Dong! Merrily on high. Use the player below or download the MP3:

I’m thinking the Finns might pay quite a bit to have this removed and possibly destroyed - get in touch chaps, long time!