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Westminster Abbey vs St Paul’s - an evensong shoot-out

Whilst in London for our half-term mini break we took (our Brecon chorister) Robin to evensong at Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s, to see how the other half live. First up was the Abbey, on Tuesday. We arrived at about 16:40 and were ushered into places about 6 feet from the Cantoris trebles’ east end. We were furnished with full guides to... read more

It's the Pitts: mad world

While sorting out the CDs and making sure they are all on the pooter I found a home-made one from lil bro Nick with two tracks from Anthony Pitts and Tonus Peregrinus: The Flower and Mad World. The latter turned out to be a hilarious and impressive choral arrangement of the Tears for Fears number, and it's so bonkers I could resist uploading it... read more

Don’t arrive out of breath (or out of practice)

Caius College Choir Long Vac summons from Peter Tranchell, August 1988
This being a transcription of the hand-written (then photocopied) letter sent to choral scholars before term, August 1988. Dear Crispin (or other choral scholar’s name as appropriate) With any luck, you’ve been having so far a delightful and perhaps profitable vac. May it last as long as poss. Perhaps you’ve caught sight of a book, but maybe ... read more

The Dean's Dinner

The Dean and his wife like to dine

on communion wafers and wine;

when it’s time for dessert

they rearrange her skirt

and together sing Hymn 69.

Anon, 10th March 2013

For Father David

The Minor Canon of Swansea

has decided to leave Aberhonddu

he's going to the Rhondda

where the people are rather

more fond of a priest in a onesie