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Crispin's easy mulled wine recipe

I've rediscovered the joy of mulled wine over the Christmas period, and thought I'd make a note of my recipe for future reference. I made this up a few days ago, inspired by distant memories, and it turned out lovely (and popular with the ladies of the house). Of course the actual quantities, times and methods can be interpreted with great... read more

Starting work at Number 1

At last we are the “proud” owners of Number 1 Fronwen Terrace, and over the last couple of weekends we have begun the mammoth task of making it habitable for humans. Here’s the kitchen after lifting the lino to reveal the slime and mould… I removed the whole lot, along with most of the skin on my knuckles.  The quarry tile floor is in good... read more

A guest in the log store

With the weather turning chilly, a few days ago we put out a pot of lard and seeds for the birds. Robin spotted this little chap (?) popping up between the logs and helping himself. He’s been around much every morning since, and we suspect he will invite family and friends. I think the long nose, colouring, big eyes and ears suggest he’s a wood ... read more