Posts From August, 2015

Finally, the RZ85 meets the Usk

Some time ago I noted our dismal failure to get a Pouch RZ85 collapsible canoe from the shed into the foaming surf. Well with Naomi, Hel and Robin away, and a long weekend to fill, Lois and I had another go. Lessons learned, it was much easier this time, though still pretty tricky and some bits seemed warped with age (know the feeling). We looked ... read more

Robin beats thousands at massive local athletics day

Here’s the Brecon & Radnor Gazette’s coverage of the South Powys Primary Schools Track and Field Championships, making the most of the day by confusing “pupils” and “schools” in the headline and opening sentence. Good to see local journalism thriving. The main photo showing Robin hurtling to a very close second place in the sprint. read more

Can’t send emails after upgrade to Windows 10 fix

This evening I took the Windows 10 upgrade plunge… I “sat back and relaxed” as ordered, and all was going swimmingly – the kids oooo’d and ahhhh’d as we tried things out, and we all said it looked like how Windows 7 and 8 should have really been, etc etc, until I tried to send an email from Outlook 2013. Nope. Stuck in the outbox. Rebooted. Nope,... read more