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An obituary of Peter Tranchell from the Telegraph, September 18, 1993

Reproduced from a Swedish genealogy web page: Headline: Obituary of Peter Tranchell Publication Date: September 18, 1993 Source: The Daily Telegraph London Page: 19 Subjects: Region: United Kingdom Obituary: PETER TRANCHELL, the musician and teacher who has died aged 71, was a resourceful and... read more

Memories of Peter Tranchell

Singing in the Brecon Cathedral Choir is bringing back a kaleidoscope of memories of singing in the Caius College Choir under composer/precentor Peter Tranchell ("PAT"), a frighteningly long time ago. In parallel, I've found myself in touch with John Gwinnell, who is researching and writing PAT's biography as described here, and has also sung in... read more