Posts From November, 2012

Live Odacova and Stupid Death

Lois’s face painting was only marred by doing the writing while looking in the mirror – she was of course an evil avocado. Robin became Stupid Death from the Horrible Histories. And here’s the both of them… read more

Sunday Worship from Brecon Cathedral

We were all up at 6 this morning, leaving the house to clear dawn skies with a sickle moon and stars, for final rehearsals in the Cathedral; then at 08:10, after a few silent and tense minutes of waiting, the live Remembrance Day service. Robin in the choir of course, we in the congregation. Lo nearly got the giggles before the start, while... read more

Mountain Hare spotted in mountains

On a walk around Loch Brandy in Glen Clova we spotted an unusual patch of snow, which then started lolloping about. We think it was a Mountain Hare, also known as the Blue Hare. The pictures are terrible, as light was very poor and the critter was quite a long way away. Trying to get closer with full 720mm zoom in bad light… this photo looks... read more